Messiah As The Beginning Of The Harvest

Today's Prayer

Abba Father, How many times do your children think or say, "I'll never do that"? Then we stumble, we fall, we disappoint. How can we be so blind, complacent, unaware of how deceptive and cunning Satan is. We are human. We will be tempted. We are weak, but YOU are strong. I realize that apart from the power of your Holy Spirit, a willing spirit, and a continual and close fellowship with you, I will not be strong enough to "never do that." It is only by your grace and strength that I will be able to stand against the wiles of devil, being alert to the sneaky ways sin tempts and being careful in knowing how slippery the slope can be. May I feast upon your Word, commune with you in prayer, and draw closer to you in spirit. I want to cling to you, to rest in your assurance, and be strong in the power of your Spirit. Thank you father, in the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

Gary Stearman: The Pentecost Prophecy


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