The God Who Meets All Needs

Artist: Mary Englebrite

September 12
The God Who Meets All Needs
Dr. Charles Stanley

Our Father's concern about us is not confined to spiritual matters. He is interested in the details of daily living as well. People tend to divide their lives into categories, distinguishing between issues related to work, home, faith, etc. Yet the Lord sees us as whole persons.

God's Word shows that He is in the business of keeping bodies fed (Luke 12:29), minds wise (James 1:5), and hearts at ease (Phil. 4:7). And since believers are in union with Jesus Christ through His indwelling Spirit, every aspect of a Christian's existence has a spiritual connection. There is not a time in the day when the Christian's life separates into "sacred" and "secular" components. The anxious heart that distracts us from prayer is as much God's concern as the tired mind that easily drifts into temptation.

Scripture stresses God's commitment to believers' whole selves: "His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness" (2 Peter 1:3 ).The Lord doesn't limit Himself to building godliness in us. Day-to-day particulars of life matter too. We need never wonder if God can or wants to meet our needs. El-Shaddai, the all-sufficient One whose kindness never ceases (Lam. 3:22), gives believers whatever is required to grow their faith—whether that is food, comfort, knowledge, or peace.

The loving heavenly Father sees His children as whole people rather than physical beings with a spiritual life on the side. We cheat ourselves when we think God is interested solely in our spiritual needs. He has many kinds of blessings to offer, if we will but ask.

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Tait - Lost for Words

I'm at a loss

I'm at a loss for words, I really want to say

I'm finding for myself

What can I do

When every road I travel leads me back to you

Instead of somewhere else

I apologize

'Cause what I wanted to say

Never came out the way

I wanted it to, I wanted it to

'Cause what I wanted to say

Only got in the way

I never meant to hurt you

But I didn't have a clue

I'm just a man

I'm just a man in need of something better than

I'm finding for myself

You count the cost

For everything you gain there's always something lost

You're worth so much more

Listen to my heart whispering

I need you

Empty words cannot suffice

I've been running from what I know is right

When only Yours are words of life

Every time you come around

Every time I make a sound

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